Our services for you

Ideas and Solutions

Do you have a product idea or a special request?

We will take your ideas and requests and together with you, create a fitting solution. We will suggest fitting materials to you, check according to sketches and 3D data the creatability and set special requests, like décor- and design requests.

The earlier, the better

Many potential challenges with mounting and follow-up processes can be detected and prevented during the developing phase using our know-how with forming, manufacture as well as all processing steps.

Development and Prototypes

Hand- and concept models as well as prototypes are realized by us. We employ tool concepts as well as series attachments to maximize our experience gain about the coming series production.

“First parts aren’t everything”

Even though we produce all tools exactly to your standards and 3D data, the process does not end there. Parts will need to be transported, further processed or included in the final project. QIN-Form develops appropriate packaging- and processing-concepts.

We attend til your serial process is running to a 100% degree.


Production and Logistics

We are flexible. All our production facilities are intentionally managed to have open capacities. This way, we can adjust our production to your specifications. Because we operate in three shifts with the option for 7 day weeks, we are able to compensate for supply shortages.

Planning and Supply

Usually, our materials are tied to specific projects. This means that each project has its own supply plan based on your order volume and delivery times. Based on your demands we use our own vehicles, as well as contract logistics services.


Good communication and a close relationship with our customers are very important for us. We will inform you about new contracts as well as coming deliveries or other important events.